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Dream11 Prime Membership: There has been a phenomenal rise in Fantasy Cricket & Fantasy Sports industry in the past few years. Lot of users have considered this as one of the primary sources to invest a small amount of money & earn a huge return on the same.

These fantasies  help people invest  amounts into certain sports or a particular match, which would allow them to win a more significant amount if their prediction turns out to be correct. This has been a fantastic portal from which people have been constantly involved and are making good profits by making confident predictions.

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Dream11 Prime Membership For H2H, SL, GL Teams | Match Preview With Player Stats And Weather/ Pitch Reports

We at help you to make the right kind of investment by predicting cricket matches with some right kind of algorithms & analysis. By investing in Fantasy cricket through Fantasy Yorker, you can make winning as your habit & turn that into huge monetary gains.

Dream11 Prime Membership – What are Dream11 Tips?

Dream tips 11 is a portal that helped numerous people fantasies about giving leagues the upper hand by understanding the predictions and how the entire method works. They have received received numerous appreciations from all the people who invest their money in the giving league. In return, they get detailed analysis & prediction of the upcoming match & the reason why they should invest their money on the same. By this channel, the users can reduce their risk on the money they have invested.

Dream 11 tips helps you in understanding the several algorithms that are associated with the fantastic gaming leagues to help you get your predictions right most easily and conveniently, allowing you to make a good profit. Dream11 Prime is not associated with any single sport.

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All the different types of sports leagues that come over these fantasy gaming portals are covered by Dream 11. In their sports book you can find sports like cricket, football, hockey, ice hockey & lot more options to bet on. You can try your luck on any of the sports & Dream 11 will help you to make a good judgement.

How does dream 11 tips help you?

Dream 11 increases the accuracy of your prediction on any match or league you want to place your money on. Dream 11, with the help of past records & statistics, comes up with predictions of the match or a league. These statistics include winning or losing percentage of the team, weather report, pitch report & every aspect which affects the result of a match. It also provides an update on a specific player’s performance and how he performs in certain circumstances.

To give you an example, if there is a match between two teams, Dream 11 will study the best performers of the both teams, head-to-head records of both the teams, performance of captain & vice-captain of the team & some other aspects & after that it will give you a conclusion & a final prediction for the match.

What dream 11 tips prime membership is about?

It has been seen that many people face great losses despite using pin predictors as they have not understood the fundamentals of all the production process with great depth. Dream11 prime is the only place that has helped numerous people worldwide understand the production process in the best possible way, and it helps people in their investment in the great profits without any problem. People who have got the dream tips 11 prime membership usually can make nearly 50,000 to 1 lakh for the month with the most likely predictions that would come into that favor.

Best Dream 11 Teams provider

Here are some of the best channels through which you can get the best predictions about Dream 11 fantasy sports contest & player stats.

1) Headmaster of Fixer

One of the most trusted Fantasy Dream11 Prediction Telegram Channel. It provides daily teams and updates about the player injury and their performance stats.

2) Fantasy Council

They make teams based on complete analysis & their dream11 predictions are mostly accurate. They are a very professional group. Fantasy Counsel provides personal assistance, complete guidance, tips & tricks and contest details to each user. They confirm winning matches with high investment. They have served more than 10K users so far.

3) Anurag Dwivedi Telegram Channel link

Anurag Dwivedi is a Youtuber who provides a detailed Dream 11 analysis through his YouTube channel. His communicative style & the facts which he has makes his predictions most accurate. His knowledge about the tournaments & upcoming matches is amazing. His predictions are only specific to cricket.

4) IHD Fantasy Broadcast

IHD FantasyBroadcast Telegram Channel: This is one of the Best Telegram channels for dream11 prediction IHD Fantasy Broadcast for a long time. The channel provides all the latest news, updates of cricket. This fantasy cricket predictor channel has 44K subscribers on Telegram. It also has a YouTube channel with millions of subscribers. If you want to play head to head contests then this channel is best suited for you. Because his small league predictions are always banged on. IHD Fantasy Broadcast channel provides fantasy cricket teams for apps like Dream11, PlayerzPot, and Myfab11. They also have give-away contests and prizes.

5) Sports Fantasy Guruji

Sports Fantasy Guruji Telegram Channel: This is another very popular and Best Telegram Channel for Dream11 Prediction. The admin has really good knowledge and their predictions are up to the mark. Also, his team combinations are appreciable. This channel has over 162k subscribers on the Telegram. The YouTube followers of this channel are almost a million. The channel provides both Small League and Grand League teams. SFG channel usually provides teams for cricket only. Sports Fantasy Guruji Telegram Channel covers almost every match of the day.

Dream11 Fantasy Cricket prime Membership provides you the best deal for Fantasy Cricket prime membership. To begin with, the membership is absolutely free & there are no charges involved. If you search more websites for Dream 11 predictions they do charge a huge amount just to provide match predictions & analysis. But here at, you receive all those things without any cost. Our main motto is to make more members on our telegram channel. The link for the channel is mentioned below and also you can search via user name @fantasyyorker11 on telegram by using search option: 

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As a Fantasy Sports website, Fantasy Yorker just wants to provide & engage individuals who are interested in betting & reduce their risk with the help of fantasy predictions. Our plan is to build a community which talks fantasy cricket, drinks fantasy cricket & eats fantasy cricket.

How to avoid loses & maximize the profit in Dream 11

Everyone looks forward to good money & especially good return on the money they have invested. When it comes to the betting industry, it is the shortest way to lose money or to make a huge amount of money as well. Here are some tips on how you can reduce your loss & maximize your profit while using Dream 11:

          You must play one contest per match.

          Don’t join multiple contests unless you are sure of the prediction.

          If u win then, withdraw the winning and play with rest over amount.

          If you lose, play two contests in the same match.

          Always calculate the money you will lose if your predictions turn out to be incorrect.

          If you play high then always keep a 50% backup amount for the next match.

          Don’t put all your money in a match.

Fantasy Cricket Predictions at provides you with the best predictions of Cricket matches across the world. We analyze every time, every match & every series before predicting anything for the upcoming match. We provide the predictions on the basis of ground reality. We analyze every player & their past performances & predict the Dream 11 team of every team. We also provide a detailed analysis of the ground & the location the match is happening. Follow our telegram channel as mentioned below & get the latest updates for the right predictions.

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