What is Dream 11 Fantasy Sports Contest?

If you are enthusiastic about fantasy sports, then choosing by Fantasy Yorker you have surely chosen the best fantasy sports prediction website in India. As Dream11 is an app where users join any contest and make their own team, similarly, Fantasy Yorker is a website that provides wider opportunity for the sport enthusiast. It is one of the leading fantasy sports platforms where sport enthusiasts can participate in the prediction of performances of various players in real matches. More accurate your prediction is, better will be your chances to collect points and money as bonuses. With the trend of T-20 cricket and sports on rise, there has been a surge in the number of various online platforms dealing with fantasy team competitions. But if you want to have a completely different yet exciting experience in terms of fantasy sports, you should surely be on one the Best Fantasy Sports Prediction Website in India.

Start participating in fantasy sports now!

Unlike various other fantasy sports platforms, where there are a of steps involved before someone starts participating in fantasy sports, Dream11 provides a simple registration process and that all you need to start playing. You can follow these simple steps to start predicting matches. You can also opt for Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership for better experiences.

1. Complete the registration process

Download the app or visit the official website of Dream11 and complete the registration process either by using your mobile number or through social media platforms.

2. Choose the match of your choice

The registered users can choose a match from any sort of game that will take place any time in the upcoming four days.

3. Make your own fantasy team

Following the rules and regulations of the game, users can select the players for the upcoming matches.

4. Be a part of the contest

Choose a contest or a match and compete with other players.

5. Win Prizes

Users can get live updates and scores regarding the match and at the end, the winners will get the prize amount transferred to their wallets.


Fantasy Yorker has been specially designed to give the best ever fantasy sport experience to the sports enthusiasts. It provides membership plan so that users can easily go with FY’s team and join contest. To ensure better fantasy gaming experiences, we have a team of sports experts and sports analysts with several years of experiences. The prime motto of this best fantasy sports prediction website in India is to ensure, users get a super exciting online experience and at the same time get to earn maximum points and monetary prizes.

With Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership, users can get guidance from the team of experts as well. One can also get guidance from experienced users who have created fantastic teams previously and won several matches. Although, it is not possible for one user to get consistent winning, but you can surely develop strategies with their help that will maximise the possibility of winning. Lack of proper strategies or lesser experienced in creating teams may result in repeated losing in the match and may demotivate the users. But having Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership will ensure you get success to the best possible limit and achieve higher ranks.

Get to Win Grand League on Dream11 with Fantasy Yorker

One can opt to play various matches on Dream11. You may ask why Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership? The answer lies here. You can choose your match from a wide range of leagues based on your level expertise and knowledge.

Head to Head

1. Involve only 2 Players
2. Easy to win game, so often preferred by beginners
3. Choose only in-form players.
4. Select Captain & Vice-Captain

Small League

1. Game for 2-20 players
2. Competition being relatively higher, often preferred by experienced users
3. Higher probability to win
4. Better to choose the same team for winning
5. Better to select all-rounder & bowlers

Mini Grand League

1. Game for 4000-5000 Players
2. Scoring better points is high, so is winning
3. Wide range of teams participate here
4. Very high competition, as more teams participate

Mega Grand League

1. Number of player is highest here with
2. Numbers ranging between 5000 to 1,00,000
3. Most risky of all other leagues and highest level of competition
4. But best gains if won Winning needs better skill set and judgement

Being a part of the best fantasy sports prediction website in India can surely be quiet intriguing from the very first day. More you get involved, you will build a strong connect with the game. But start with winning smaller leagues as it will help build your confidence. Else you might feel a pressure, while participating in bigger leagues.

Winning Grand League may seem particularly difficult during the first couple of times as the competition is extremely high due to the participation of thousands of players. But selection of the right kind of team may enhance your probability of success.

Why Grand League is so special?

Both high profitability and high risks are equally involved in the grand league. Numerous competitors are competing to get the first position. Thus, to enhance your chance your winning, it is always better to consult an expert from Fantasy Yorker guiding team to before making your team for the league.

1. There are millions of people who have already registered themselves on Dream11 within 04 years.
2. Dream11 is registered under the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FTSA).
3. Easy joining process and guaranteed better returns.

The team of experts we have at Fantasy Yorker will thoroughly guide you to build your team that will ensure better ranks. Undoubtedly, there is always a luck factor involved, but our team of experts will utilise their analysis power to ensure you better monitory gains.

How Much Dose It Cost To Get Fantasy Yorker Prime Plan?

As you all see that the prices of Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership is quite reasonable. You can select plan as per your choice and start your winning journey with us. After joining our prime plan, you'll get dream11 prime team for selected match along with investment strategy. So don't miss the chance to become prime user of fantasy yorker.

Basic Plan

499 799
Validity: 15 Days
  • Targeted Matches
  • Only H2H Contest
  • 100% Target Achievement
  • Teams Available on WhatsApp
  • Call Support N/A
  • Investment Strategy N/A
  • Limited Seats Available!

Prime Plan

799 1199
Validity: 30 Days
  • SL & GL Target
  • Playing Schedule For Targeted Matches
  • Investment Suggestion For Every Contest
  • Strategy For High Winning Contests
  • Personal Support
  • 100% Winning Guaranty
  • 24*7 Support
  • WhatsApp Support
  • All 200+ Dream11 Level Experts

Why Fantasy Yorker Prime Membership?

Download the app or visit the official website of Dream11 and complete the registration process either by using your mobile number or through social media platforms.

Fantasy Yorker is basically a team of experts who will help you pick the best players as per your league to maximise your chance of win. Although, making your own team and winning all by own self give a different kind of experience. But one needs to do proper analysis and have an in-depth knowledge about the game and planning to pick the right kind of player may be time-consuming. So, Fantasy Yorker will surely help you get the best benefits with minimal investment of time.

On an average, there are around 2 Kabaddi Matches, 4-5 Cricket match, 2 NBA & even 2-3 football matches. Usually a working individual with his job or business and having other family commitments, may not dedicate sufficient time to figure out the kinds of players to be chosen. Most importantly, due to lack of time, individuals may choose wrong players for the team in a rush. Our team of experts will help users to choose the right players. Our team of experts consider various aspects before selecting the players for your dream team. Some of them include the following:

1. Form of the players
2. Pitch report
3. Considering the weather condition
4. Overall strength of the team
5. Individual strength and weakness of each player
6. Sorting the best bowler, best batsman and those who are all rounders

Apart from these factors, there are several other factors our experts consider and analyze to help you get your dream team. Some of the other benefits that you can further avail on the best fantasy sports prediction website in India include the following:

1. Our experts will also guide you during Small League contest, so it becomes easier for you to get higher ranks while going for grand leagues.
2. Fantasy Yorker Prime Members can also access some special features like exclusive sports news and other suggestions.
3. Attain higher ranks in small league matches with experts’ guidance.
4. Our team will help you with every minute thing and you can just relax and enjoy the match.
5. Considering timeline, type of game and other factors, experts will design a holistic and focussed plan.
6. Although not accessible to a general user, a Fantasy Yorker Prime member can access a wide range of facilities and aspects under his plan.
7. Smooth payment process using any online mode of payment ensuring maximum security.
8. Our experts come from industry background with years of working experiences.
9. Avail support from our team of executives 24*7.

Parameters Considered for Membership

Some of the major benefits one can enjoy after having Prime Membership have already been discussed. But here are some of the major parameters, where our Prime Members will get an immense benefits over general users:

1. Selecting the right kind of the Games ( Cricket, Football, NBA, Kabaddi)
2. Keeping himself or herself up to date with Important News
3. Details about the Number of Teams
4. Longer duration of Validity (Days/Months)
5. League/Investment suggestions
6. Receiving Notifications much before the deadline
7. In-depth knowledge about the team to bet upon and why to do so
8. Special Cricket teams (T10 Matches)
9. Regular/Pro players
10. Better Earnings Expected

Cost Involved in Creating Fantasy Yorker Prime team?

We charge a nominal fee for ensuring your maximum benefits during the leagues. Considering the number of options one receive to be a part of a wide range of matches and several other opportunities that could be grabbed, the cost is minuscule. One can even go for customised membership plans based on their needs and interest.


Why We are the Best Fantasy Sports Prediction Website in India?

There has been a growing number of such fantasy sports prediction website in India in recent times. But what sets us apart is our expertise and the potential of making accurate and in-depth predictions. Most importantly, the information our team will provide will always be precise and easy to understand. We ensure that our users understand every minute details. Irrespective of the game, be it cricket or football, our experts are always there to help you get the best results to have the maximum monetary benefits. Thus, undoubtedly, you can trust us to be the best fantasy sports prediction website in India.

Join Prime Membership To Win Fantasy Sports Contest!

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